Fortnite Free Download Update New Version online 2018

Fortnite Free Download Update: Fornite is a zombie survival game in which a player can play it solo or in a team. It’s about surviving a zombie apocalypse, that is triggered by an extinction-level-event storm. It is an online video game available as a separate software package having different modes one is.

Fortnite Free Download Update

Fortnite Free Download Update

The Epic Games has developed Fortnite in two varieties Save the World and Battle Royale. It is a serious blast to play, whether you are on your own or team with your friends. The game continually updates the experience with new guns, map updates and new guns.

Keep in mind Fortnite is not entirely free, only ‘Fortnite Battle Royale” is free. Although you can make money by selling V-Bucks. The full version of Fortnite is not free it costs around $42 USD.

Fortnite Update New Version

Fortnite Update New Version

Steps to download Fortnite Battle Royale for iPhone and iPad

  • Visit the website to sign up for Fortnite for iOS invite.
  • Click the option “Sign up for Email Invite” option.
  • Here you will be asked that you already played Fortnite. If you are the existing player of this game Epic Game will add you to the list and find your progress as well as your purchase from other devices once you signed in.
  • Select the device you want to play.
  • You will receive an email from Epic games, and follow the instructions to activate your account.
  • Launch the App Store and look for Fortnite and download the same.
  • After the successful downloading of the app on your iOS device, launch and sign in using your credentials.

Fortnite Play online 2018 Guide!

Fortnite Play online 2018

Tip: One smartest way to skip the long wait is, if your friend received the Fortnite invite, you can also tell him to send you the invitation to play this game.

Steps to download and install Fortnite PS4?

  • You can go through the process of downloading the game on your system.
  • Go to the main menu screen and go to the PS Store.
  • Type ‘Fort’ in the search bar and click on Fortnite as it appears in the suggestion box to the right.
  • Once you land on the official page, click the download button and your PS4 will do all the work.
  • The progress can be checked off your download by clicking the notifications icons in the main menu.

Fortnite Download for Android

Steps to download and install Xbox One

  • On the home page, navigate the search bar and type in ‘Fortnite’.
  • At the top of the page suggestion bar will suggest a load of Fortnite games. You should go for one titled ‘Fornite: Battle Royale”.
  • Simply click install and your game will be downloaded, installed and ready to play.

Fortnite Download for PC and Mac

Fortnite Download for PC

Note: To download Fortnite in PS4 you need 6.69 GB space.

Steps to download Fortnite on PC/Mac?

  • Visit the link
  • Click the Download link which is at the bottom left.
  • At the same point, you need to create an account with Epic Games.
  • You can sign in with one of your existing social media accounts.
  • Once you go through verification, download and Epic Games Launcher.
  • Open it log in with your account and navigate to the Fortnite tab.
  • Click install you have done now you can play the game.

Fortnite Download for Mac

Note: You need the 9.5 GB hard disk space to download Fornite on your PC. And 22.1GB space on your Mac.

The game Fortnite is played by the 125 million players across all platforms. The online Video games magazine reports that there are more than 40 million individuals log in to play Fortnite every month.

Fortnite Download for iPhone and Android

Fortnite Download for iPhone

If you have an iPhone you can apply for an invitation mail from But the Android user not yet avails this feature.

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