Fortnite: How to Fix Voice Chat?

How to Fix Voice Chat: While Fortnite is now undoubtedly ranking amongst the biggest game in the world right now, it isn’t invincible to occasional glitches. Errors like “voice chat not working” can be a big hassle when playing this game, but not to worry because a quick fix is here and its super easy.

Fortnite: How to Fix Voice Chat

Fortnite: How to Fix Voice Chat?

Signing Out and Into Fortnite

This is the most found cure for the voice chat problem, majority of users have found it that by signing out and signing back into the game it corrects the problem instantaneously, but this is not the case for all users of the game as sometimes the problem still persists.

Update Your Sound Card

A missing or outdated sound card can stop chat from working properly or completely. You can manually update sound card by going to the manufacturers official website and looking for the latest version of driver for your sound card or you can update automatically by downloading the drivers pack and installing it, then updating the sound card automatically or by clicking update all to update all the drivers in the system. Note after downloading remember to turn on auto updater so as to keep the Fortnite clean

Install the Latest Fortnite Version

You can uninstall the already installed Fortnite version on the console and download another from a secure sourse which would be the official website of the game where all the system requirements would be specified and you would see the one that best firts your device instead of downloading from an unknown source and later leading to complications before and after installation.

Check Microphone Connectivity

You can check if the microphone that is connected to the console is compatible for it or check if the microphone is properly fixed because if it is not properly fixed then there cannot be transmission of voice signal or if the microphone is not compatible then it is highly advised to ditch that microphone for a newer compatible version

Reinstall Fortnite

If the problem still persist, the you can uninstall the game if you are sure it is a recent version of the game and install it using the recommended settings to enable everything to be default and mesh wwith the system settings

Check Audio Setting

Since Windows and Fortnite both have audio settings, somethimes things just get mixed up so it is advisable to clarifuy and misconception by checking the audio settings for windows and the game separately. By doing this you have to first turn off the audio settings for the game and windows and then go back and check that everything is in order as turn them back on then proceed to the game to check if everything is as it should be

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If after doing all these and the problem still persist, the proceed to a technician or go to your console support center to further clarify the problem and provide a suitable solution for you.

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